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DeVoe Cadillac Fort Myers

Devoe Cadillac

Project Details

Designed to conform with the Cadillac National “Image” Program this facility was completed in 2014 and is one of several automobile dealership facilities designed for the DeVoe Automotive Family located throughout the Southwest Florida area.

The basic structure consists of perimeter load-bearing masonry supporting an exposed steel bar joist floor and roof structure to create a clean Modern appearance within. With the demolition and removal of the existing 30-plus year old 1-story sales showroom facility, a new 2-storymodern sales and automobile showroom facility was designed to convey the quality standards associated with the Cadillac brand and demonstrate to its customers the quality and confidence in the Cadillac product in a contemporary theme.

Client: DeVoe Automotive Group      Location: Naples Florida

Building Type: Automobile Sales Showroom Facility       Building Size: 2-Story 37,677 SF